Don't know what to do after getting 60?

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Don't know what to do after getting 60?

Post by Luca Lovelle on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:01 pm

Some basic information on obtaining level 60 gear.

1) i160 GEAR
These are obtained from level 60 dungeons "Neverreap" and "The Fractal Continuum". Bosses and treasure chests drop tons of ilvl 160 gear. These dungeons require ilvl 145* to enter.

Quest to unlock dungeons

- To unlock The Fractal Continum, complete the quest "Do It for Gilly" from Notrelchamps, The Pillars (14,12).

- To unlock Neverreap, complete the quest "Reap What You Sow" from Sanu Vanu, The Sea of Clouds (11,14).

*You can buy ilvl 145 weapons and armor pieces at the Goblin Trader, Idyllshire (7,6) or ilvl 150s at the Repository Node, Azys Lla (10,11), to bump up your ilvl. They're pretty expensive though.. also the Goblin Trader/Repository Node doesn't sell accessories so you might need to farm some in "The Great Grubal Library" dungeon or do leves**.

**Varius Gray (Odin) also mentioned that you can get "free" ilvl 145 accessories.

"When you do leves you sometimes get an item called Amber-encased vilekin. I think I got 5 from an coffer of one of those leves that cost 10 allowance. Next to the levequest NPC in Ishgard there is an NPC called Amber Trader. This NPC trades ilvl NQ 145 accessories per 5 Ambers. NPC Location is at Foundation (10,10)." - Varius Gray (Thanks Varius!)

2) i170 GEAR
These are obtained by trading in law tomestones at Hismena, Idyllshire (5,5).

Law tomestones cost:

570 law - Weapon (for paladin, 400 sword, 170 shield)

285 law - Helm, Gloves, Boots
475 law - Chest, Pants

215 law - Belt, Accessories

ilvl  175 weapons can be obtained from The Limitless Blue (Extreme). Every time you complete the duty there will be weapon drop + "Expanse Totem". Weapons you'll have to roll for, Totems are rewarded to everyone. Totems ensures that you'll get your weapon in 10 runs; collect 10 totems and you can exchange for weapon at Sabina, Idyllshire (5,5).

3) i180 GEAR
First, you'll need to get "upgrade materials" with Centurio seals at Ardolain, Foundation (13,11); it's in the tavern near Forgotten Knights. You can also get these with law tomestones from Hismena, Idyllshire(5,5).

Next, bring these materials with your ilvl 170 gear to Seika, Idyllshire (6,7) to upgrade.

Centurio seals cost:

395 centurio/900 law - Doman Whetstone (for weapon*)

300 centurio/700 law - Doman Urushi (for armor)

150 centurio/350 law - Raw Doman (for accessories**)

*For paladins, sword and shield upgrades together; Sword + Shield + Upgrade material
**Belt is now considered as accessory

4) i185 GEAR

ilvl185 gear can be obtained from Saint Mocianne's Arboretum and Pharos Sirius (Hard) dungeons.

Quest to unlock dungeons

- To unlock Saint, complete the quest "An Overgrown Ambition" from Tetchy treasure hunter, The Dravanian Hinterlands (12,19).

- To unlock Pharos (Hard), complete the quest "Things Are Getting Sirius" from Trachraet at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (12,12).

4) i190 GEAR

ilvl 190 weapons can be obtained from Thok Ast Thok (Extreme). Every time you complete the duty there will be weapon drop + "Hive Totem". Weapons you'll have to roll for, Totems are rewarded to everyone. Totems ensures that you'll get your weapon in 10 runs; collect 10 totems and you can exchange for weapon at Sabina, Idyllshire (5,5).

ilvl 190 armor pieces and accessories can be obtained by farming for tokens in Alexander, requires ilvl 170 to enter. Quest chain* starts at Slowfix, Idyllshire (7,6). Tokens are used to exchange for ilvl 190 gear at Sabina, Idyllshire (5,5).

Gordian token cost:

2 Tarnished Gordian Lens - Helm

4 Tarnished Gordian Shaft - Chest

2 Tarnished Gordian Crank - Gloves

1 Tarnished Gordian Chain - Belt

4 Tarnished Gordian Spring - Pants

2 Tarnished Gordian Pedal - Boots

1 Tarnished Gordian Bolt - Accessories

Floor drops**:

A1 - Alexander - The Fist of the Father (can drop chain, pedal, bolt)

A2 - Alexander - The Cuff of the Father (can drop lens, pedal, bolt)

A3 - Alexander - The Arm of the Father (can drop lens, crank, spring)

A4 - Alexander - The Burden of the Father (can drop shaft, crank, spring)

*You'll get a Tarnished Gordian Bolt for completing Alexander quest chain.

**For a better visual and theorycrafting on the most optimal way of getting ilvl 190, take a look at this link made by someone in the community (Thank you!).

5) i200 GEAR

These are obtained by trading in esoteric tomestones at Hismena, Idyllshire (5,5). Esoteric tomestones are capped at 450 per week. Alternatively, Void Ark also drops i200 armor pieces, restricted to 1 every week.

Esoteric tomestones cost:

990 esoterics - Weapon (for paladin, 695 sword, 295 shield)

495 esoterics - Helm, Gloves, Boots

825 esoterics - Chest, Pants

375 esoterics - Belt, Accessories

6) i210 GEAR

There are two sets of i210 gear and pink gear from Diadem:

- Gordian set from Alexander Savage

- "Creed" set (set name depends on class) from upgrading i200 gear bought with esoterics

- Diadem gear

Gordian pieces drops from Alexander Savage 1-4. In general,

Alexander Savage 1 drops accessories

Alexander Savage 2 drops glove/belt/boots, illuminati gobcoat

Alexander Savage 3 drops helm/leg, illuminati gobtwine

Alexander Savage 4 drops weapon/body, illuminati gobdip

In addition, completing areas 1-4 also give players a page of the Gordian Manifesto. Page 1 from area 1, page 2 from area 2, and so on. Pages appear in player inventory, no need to roll against others for (make sure you have inventory space).

These pages can be used to traded for Gordian pieces at Sabina, Idyllshire (5,5).

Gordian manifesto cost:

8 Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 - Weapons (for paladin, 5 for sword, 3 for shield)

6 Gordian Manifesto - Page 3 - Helm

8 Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 - Chest

6 Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 - Gloves

2 Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 - Belt

8 Gordian Manifesto - Page 3 - Pants

6 Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 - Boots

4 Gordian Manifesto - Page 1 - Accessories

To get "Creed" set, obtain the Illuminati upgrade materials and bring these with your ilvl200 gear to Seika, Idyllshire (6,7) to upgrade.

Illuminati upgrade materials can be obtained by

- trading in Gordian Manifesto pages at Sabina, Idyllshire (5,5)*

- winning as drops from Alexander Savage

- trading in clan mark log at Bertana, Idyllshire (5,5)**

- trading in mhachi farthing at Bertana, Idyllshire (5,5)***

*Gordian manifesto cost:

4 Gordian Manifesto- Page 4 - Illuminati Gobdip (for weapon)

4 Gordian Manifesto - Page 3 - Illuminati Gobtwine (for armor)

4 Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 - Illuminati Gobcoat (for accessories)

**500 centurio seals for 1 log, exchange at Ardolain, Foundation (13,11)

***token for your first void ark clear of each week

To get Diadem gear, you'll have to go to Diadem and kill monsters. Every monster drops a treasure coffer; bronze coffer usually has i150 gear, silver coffer usually has i180 gear, gold coffer usually has i210 gear. Diadem gear, however, have random secondary stats on them, which can be a good or bad thing.

To unlock diadem, go to the Pillars(14,10). You'll need minimum i179 to enter

Good luck with grind!
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